Thursday, July 19, 2007

For a Picture of My New Book on Real Magic Click

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The Book examines age-old mysteries of existence including:

• Why does life exist?
• Why do we drink water?
• Can we save the Earth from global warming?
• Are human beings central and special?
• Is it possible that we’ve arisen by pure chance?
• Is the Earth an organism?
• Are we part of its exobrain?
• If Earth is alive, can it reproduce?
• Can the universe?
• What does the future hold in store for us?
• Does God exist?
• What is the nature of ultimate reality?

I examine these real-life mysteries using not just science, and philosophy, but also a knowledge of sleight-of-hand magic. For example I apply Dai Vernon's The Trick that Cannot Be Explained to the question of determining the chances of our existence in such an unusual cosmos as this one, which has observers as well as many other quirks. Among the magicians mentioned in the book are Jerry Andrus and James Randi.